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USA Literature Trivia

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Question Number
What classic novel was given many titles before publication, among them "Trimalchio in West Egg" ... ?
Option : "The Age of Innocence"
Option : "The Great Gatsby"
Option : "Absalom! Absalom!"
Option : "The Grapes of Wrath"
Answer : "The Great Gatsby"
Question Number
What character in the novel "Catch-22" was given his name as a joke by his father, and his rank as a result of "an IBM machine with a sense of humour..." ... ? [Major M---- M---- M----}
Answer : Major Major Major Major
Question Number
What protagonist of a story by Washington Irving falls asleep in the Catskill mountains and remains so for twenty years ... ?
Option : Ichabod Crane
Option : Hendrick Hudson
Option : Diedrich Knickerbocker
Option : Rip Van Winkle
Answer : Rip Van Winkle
Question Number
What letter is "The Scarlet Letter" ... ?
Option : A
Option : P
Option : S
Option : X
Answer : A
Question Number
The film version of what novel by Harper Lee stars Gregory Peck as a lawyer in the fictional town of Maycomb, Alabama ... ?
Option : Twelve Angry Men
Option : To Kill A Mockingbird
Option : The Maycomb Affair
Option : The Long Goodbye
Answer : To Kill A Mockingbird
Question Number
Which American poet whose works include " The Song of Hiawatha" was one of the five "Fireside Poets", the first American poets whose popularity rivaled that of British poets ... ?
Option : William Cullen Bryant
Option : John Greenleaf Whittier
Option : Henry Wadworth Longfellow
Option : Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr
Answer : Henry Wadworth Longfellow
Question Number
The lengthy full title of what novel includes this description of the author : "a Fourth-Generation German-American Now Living in Easy Circumstances on Cape Cod [and Smoking Too Much], Who, as an American Infantry Scout Hors de Combat, as a Prisoner of War, Witnessed the Fire Bombing of Dresden, Germany, The Florence of the Elbe, a Long Time Ago,
Answer : Slaughterhouse-Five
Question Number
Who lived in a small, self-built house on the shore of Walden Pond for two years because he "wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life..." ... ?
Option : Ralph Waldo Emerson
Option : John Muir
Option : Henry David Thoreau
Option : William Wordsworth
Answer : Henry David Thoreau
Question Number
Who took the road less traveled by ... ?
Option : Emily Dickinson
Option : Walt Whitman
Option : E.E.Cummings
Option : Robert Frost
Answer : Robert Frost
Question Number
Who of the following is NOT an author of "Beat" literature ... ?
Option : Allen Ginsberg
Option : William S Burroughs
Option : William Carlos Williams
Option : Jack Kerouac
Answer : William Carlos Williams

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