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USA Texas

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Question Number
In 1960 which Texan was elected Vice President ... ? [------ -. -------]
Answer : Lyndon B. Johnson
Question Number
In the Caddo language Texas means ... ?
Option : Fast moving horses
Option : Village by the mountain
Option : Meeting or Celebration
Option : Friends or Allies
Answer : Friends or Allies
Question Number
I am a 52 foot tall icon, I have towered over every Texas State Fair since 1952. Who am I ... ? [--- ---]
Answer : Big Tex
Question Number
Before the word Texan was used to denote people living in the area of Texas they were called ... ?
Option : Texian
Option : Textidians
Option : Textonians
Option : Texivites
Answer : Texian
Question Number
I am a geological feature that runs approximately from the southwest part of the state near Del Rio to the north central region near Waco along Interstate 35. [B------- Fault Zone]
Answer : Balcones Fault Zone
Question Number
The Mission San Antonio de Valero is also known as ... ? [--- -----]
Answer : The Alamo
Question Number
Texan Red Adair is famous for ... ?
Option : Opening the first Texan brewery
Option : Rodeo bronco riding
Option : Putting out large oil fires
Option : Olympic diving
Answer : Putting out large oil fires
Question Number
Spindletop was the first major Texan ... ?
Option : Airport
Option : Air Force Base
Option : Oil Well
Option : Oil Rig
Answer : Oil Well
Question Number
I am 260 meters long, weigh around 30,000 tons, was commissioned in 1943 and decommissioned in 1991. I can be found in Corpus Christi, what am I ... ? [USS L--------]
Answer : USS Lexington
Question Number
I was born in 1933 in Abbot Texas and went on to become of the biggest country music stars in history. My hits include Blue Eyes Cryin In the Rain and On the Road Again. Who am I ... ?
Answer : Willie Nelson

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