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USA Virginia History

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Question Number
What was the name of the first child born to English parents in the New World ... ?
Option : Elizabeth White
Option : Rebecca Rolfe
Option : Virginia Dare
Option : Elizabeth Dare
Answer : Virginia Dare
Question Number
The Native American princess Pocahontas married an Englishman. What was his name ... ?
Option : John Rolfe
Option : Captain John Smith
Option : Thomas Rolfe
Option : Christopher Newport
Answer : John Rolfe
Question Number
In 1584, Queen Elizabeth I granted a charter for the colonization of Virginia to which English aristocrat ... ?
Option : Sir Robert Dudley
Option : Captain John Smith
Option : Sir Walter Raleigh
Option : William Cecil, Baron Burghley
Answer : Sir Walter Raleigh
Question Number
The first civilian English settlement in Virginia was at Roanoke, now known as the "lost colony". What was the only clue as to the colonists' disappearance ... ?
Option : A maltese cross carved into a tree
Option : the word "croatoan" carved into a post of the
Option : a single burned house frame
Option : A torn cloak hanging from a branch
Answer : the word "croatoan" carved into a post of the
Question Number
During the Civil War, the first combat meeting between ironclad ships occured when the CSS Virginia met with what Union vessel ... ?
Option : USS Merrimac
Option : USS Monitor
Option : USS Minnesota
Option : USS Hampton Roads
Answer : USS Monitor
Question Number
The Confederate States of America had two capital cities during its existence. The first was Montgomery, Alabama. What was the other ... ? [R-------, VA]
Answer : Richmond, VA
Question Number
In 1989, who became the first African-American to be elected as Governor of a US State ... ? [Douglas W-----]
Answer : Douglas Wilder
Question Number
In what year did the Virginia Military Institute admit its first female cadets ... ?
Option : 1861
Option : 1929
Option : 1941
Option : 1997
Answer : 1997
Question Number
Where is CIA headquarters located ... ?
Option : Norfolk, VA
Option : Greenbriar, VA
Option : Fort Monroe, VA
Option : Langley, VA
Answer : Langley, VA
Question Number
By order of President Theodore Roosevelt, The Great White Fleet circumnavigated the globe from 1907 to 1909, demonstraing American blue-water navy capability. From where did the Great White Fleet launch ... ? [H------ R----, VA]
Answer : Hampton Roads, VA

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