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Who am I? (easy)

Born in 1890, I was born in Devon, England the youngest of three children in a conservative, well-to-do family. I was taught at home by a governess and never attended school.

I became very good a creating games to keep myself occupied at a very young age. A shy child, unable to express my feelings, I first turned to music as a means to expression and later in life to writing.

I married a World War 1 fighter pilot at the age of 24 and while he was at war I worked as a nurse. While working in the hospital I came up with the idea for my first novel which I finished in a year, although it wasn't published until five years later.

I divorced my husband in 1926 when he told me that he had fallen in love with another woman. I was so upset by this that I disappeared and was found three weeks later by the police. I claimed to have lost my memory and never mentioned this time in my life again.

I re-married a young archaeologist in 1930 and I wrote over 66 novels in my career. One of my most enduring characters was often described as "meticulous, a tidy little man, always neat and orderly, with a slight flavour of absurdity about him". I also wrote numerous short stories and screenplays and a series of romantic novels using the pen name of Mary Westmacott.

Who am I?

Answer: Agatha Christie

Who am I? (hard)

I was born in Boston on January 19, 1809. At an early age I showed a talent for writing prose and at the age of 15 I wrote these words in memory of a friend, "the requiem for the loveliest dead that ever dies so young".

While my first love was poetry, I was unable to make a living at it early one so I turned to writing stories.

In 1835, I fell in love with my 13 year old cousin Virginia and our marriage forced me to find a secure source of income. At this time I become an assistant editor at the Southern Literary Messenger in Virginia in 1835 and it was here that my literary talents blossomed.

I worked on several publications as both editor and contributor and my work was starting to be recognised and praised. My trademark were 'psychological thrillers' and 'macabre tales' and I achieved some success with such horror tales as "the Tell-Tale Heart" and "the Pit and the Pendulum". But it wasn't until 1845 when I published my most famous piece of work which was a poem, that I became really famous.

The public's reaction to this work brought me a new level of fame and could be compared to that of some uproariously successful hit some today.

Sadly my young wife died on consumption in 1847. Devastated by her death I penned these words, "Deep in earth my love is lying and I must weep alone".

During the years that followed her death, my life started to take a steady turn downwards and I suffered with alcoholism and depression.

I died at the age of 40 and one of my friends remarked at the time that, "this death was almost a suicide, a suicide prepared for a long time".

Who am I?

Answer: Edgar Allan Poe

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