"Who am I" Questions - Female Authors

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Who am I ?

I was born in 1905 and died in 1982.

I was educated in Russia and moved to the United States at age 19.

Before achieving success as a noveling and philosopher I worked in Hollywood as a screenwriter.

In 1936 I published my first novel, the semi-autobiographical "We The Living".

Although my writing has received a popular cult following literary critics and academia has not embraced my work.

During the 1940s my political activity grew and I published my first best selling novel which told the story of a young man's struggle to follow his vision as an architect. In 1949 the novel was produced as a Hollywood film starring Gary Cooper.

In 1957 I published my most well known and final novel. It describes a world in which the most productive members of society strike and leave a dysfunctional collectivist world to collapse.

This novel was titled "Atlas Shrugged".

My first name is Ayn.

My family name begins with R

Who am I ? Ayn Rand

Who am I ?

I was born in 1806 in England.

I was given the childhood nickname "Ba" and was allowed to attend lessons with my brother's tutor.

Both of my parents encouraged my love of literature. I was reading novels by age 6.

My mother collected my childhood poetry into a collection titled "Poems by Elizabeth B. Barrett".

I strongly opposed slavery and went on to write "The Runaway Slave at Pilgrim's Point" and "A Curse for a Nation" highlighting it's unfairness.

My 1844 publication "Poems" made me one of the most well known writers in England and prompted my future husband Robert to write me.

Due to my senority in age and poor health I found it hard to believe that Robert loved me as he professed, we married in secret.

American poet Edgar Allan Poe referred to me as "the noblest of her sex".

My first name is Elizabeth.

My Surname begins with B.

My surname begins with the word Brown..

Who am I ? Elizabeth Browning

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