Including Audio / Video Questions

Quiz Night Chief supports the following question types :

  • Question and Answer eg. What is the capital of Kenya ?

  • Multiple Choice eg. Which of the follow events did not occur in the 1970s ?

  • Rank Them eg. Rank the following animals by size from largest to smallest

  • Audio / Video eg. Listen the following audio and then identify the character and actor speaking (play audio)

  • Image eg. In what city would you find this building ? (present image)

You can add an Audio / Video question to your quiz by adding a new question and then selecting Audio / Video from the Question type select box

<- Click the image to enlarge

You will then be able to use the Select Audio / Video button to select the file you would like to use with this question.

A Play button will be available on the plan screen and on the Slide Show to play your Audio / Video file.

Quiz Night Chief will play your Audio / Video file by launching the default player for the file type registered in Windows

The Audio / Video question will appear in the slide show with a Play button allowing you to play the audio / video.

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We recommend you only add images that are less than 10 megabyte in size.