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Quiz Night Fun : Decorate the Answer Sheets

Usually there is a person or two at each table who isn’t totally engaged in listening to questions and discussing answers at any given time. It’s a good idea to have some tasks they can fill up their spare moments with.

For example you can announce at the beginning of the evening that there is a prize for the best decorated answer sheet. Any people not actively involved writing down answers can take some time out to scribble down some drawings.

Or perhaps you could distribute an extra blank piece of paper to each team table and announce that at the end of the night there will be a prize for the best drawing of Elvis / The Earth / The Mona Lisa etc.

Of course you will need to look through all of the attempts and come up with a winner which will mean a little more work for you.  You could quickly scan the pictures, select the top three and then take them around the room and ask everyone to vote with a show of hands which one they prefer.


Fundraising Quiz Night Game : Throw the coin at the prize

Quiz nights are great fun and throwing in a few novelty games can make them even better.

The Throw the coin at the prize game is really simple and if you are running your quiz nigth for a good cause it can help you raise some extra money.

All you need is a little space.  Get a prize (often a bottle of alcohol is used) and place it at one end of the room, mark a line at the other end of the room and let everyone know that (for a small entry fee) they can line up and throw their coins at the prize, after everyone has had a go the person whose coin is closest to the prize wins the prize.  All the other coins are of course selected and go towards your good cause.

This game has some of the most important elements of a novelty quiz night game.

Gets people out of their chairs – check

Helps raise more money for a good cause - check


Quiz Night Tip – “Pay to appeal”

If your quiz night is raising money for a charity or community group here is a tip you can use to raise a little extra.

At the start of the night announce that teams are allowed to appeal if they think they have been marked incorrectly or if they think an official answer is incorrect.  However each team can only appeal once during the night and there is an appeal lodgement fee of five dollars/pounds.

When a team appeals take their lodgement fee and then bring them to the microphone to explain why they think they have been hard done by. Ask all the other teams to give a thumbs up or a thumbs down, gladiator style, to indicate if they agree with the appeal.

In this way you can take a possible mistake in the quiz and turn it into a couple of minutes of entertainment and raise some extra money for your good cause.