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Quiz Night Tip – “Pay to appeal”

If your quiz night is raising money for a charity or community group here is a tip you can use to raise a little extra.

At the start of the night announce that teams are allowed to appeal if they think they have been marked incorrectly or if they think an official answer is incorrect.  However each team can only appeal once during the night and there is an appeal lodgement fee of five dollars/pounds.

When a team appeals take their lodgement fee and then bring them to the microphone to explain why they think they have been hard done by. Ask all the other teams to give a thumbs up or a thumbs down, gladiator style, to indicate if they agree with the appeal.

In this way you can take a possible mistake in the quiz and turn it into a couple of minutes of entertainment and raise some extra money for your good cause.


Quiz Night Games – “Hands on Heads, Hands on Waist”

This is a good game to inject something different into the quiz night and get everyone out of their chairs.

It’s a quick game and all you need is a series of true / false questions and a prize for the individual winner, it’s not a team game.

Ask everyone to stand. Then read out the first questions.

“OK, first question, Freetown is the capital of Ghana, if you think that’s true put your hands on your head, if you think it’s false put your hands on your waist.

Ok, has everyone made a choice ? Everyone with your hands on your head sit down because you were incorrect, everyone with their hands on their head stay standing for the next question.”

You then keep asking questions and getting people who were incorrect to sit down until there is only one person left standing, who got all the questions correct.  This person receives the prize.

It doesn’t take as many questions as you might think to whittle down to a single person.  If you have ten questions prepared that should be plenty.