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Fundraising Idea – Buy an Envelope

Recently Rachael let me know about a great idea that can help you raise more funds at your Quiz or Trivia Night.

Asking local businesses to make small donations is a lot easier than asking them to sponsor or donate large prizes.

Why not ask a number of local businesses to donate gift vouchers or items in the 20-25 range (dollars or pounds, pick your poison) and then sell these donations off at the Quiz night for a flat $10 price.

You can place the items in envelopes and stick them to a board. People can purchase an envelope from the mystery board for 10 dollars/pounds and be guaranteed a 20-25 dollar/pound item will be inside.

Envelopes with a Question Mark

The mystery board envelopes


Which is heaviest… ?

This game is simple and can be run as a novelty game or as a round in your quiz night.

Simply hold up two objects and teams have to say which is heavier. If you are running it as a novelty game you can get everyone to stand up and indicate which item they think is heavier by placing their hands on their heads or their hips. Once everyone have made a choice announce which object is heavier and get everyone who was wrong to sit down.

If you are running this game as a normal round in your quiz simply hold up the two items, get each team to note down on their answer sheets which they think is heavier, then move on to the next pair of items.

A book Vs a Clock, Which is heavier

A book Vs a Clock, Which is heavier

Note : You actually need specific instances of the objects you are comparing. Obviously it’s not going to work if you simply ask which is heavier, a book or a clock. You need a particular clock and a particular book that people can see and size up.

A cup of tea or an IPhone, which is heavier ?

A cup of tea or an IPhone, which is heavier ?

At the end of this game you could throw out the old joke “Which is heavier, a kilogram/Pound of lead or a kilogram/Pound of feathers ?”  :)


Novelty Game – Pick a Corner

Quiz nights are a lot of writing, a lot of teams huddled over tables.

It’s great idea to throw in a few games that will get people out of their seats and moving around.

The “Pick a Corner” game is really simple.

Ask everyone to stand up, if you have a large number of participants you can ask each team to pick a single representative to stand up.

Pick a corner Quiz Night Game

Pick a corner Quiz Night Game

Ask a series of multiple choice questions, each with 4 possible answers. Assign a corner of the room for each possible answer and ask the game participants to go and stand in the corner that matches their chosen answer.

Once everyone has moved to a corner announce the correct answer, everyone who was not standing in the corner associated with the correct answer must sit down, everyone who got the question correct can participate in the next question.

Continue asking questions until there is only a single person left. They are the winner and either receive a special prize or earn bonus points for their team.

You may end up with a few people remaining in the game who continually go to the same corner, in this case announce that the first person to a corner may claim it, and everyone else must chose a different corner.