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What makes a good quiz question ?

How good something is depends on the criteria used to judge it, but when it comes to quiz questions there are some general attributes that most of us can agree are a plus.

A good quiz question is appropriate for the quiz participants in terms of it’s difficulty, cultural context and timeliness.

The issue of question difficulty is an interesting one, if a question is answered correctly by 50% of participants does that qualify it as an easy or difficult question ?

A good quiz question facilitates discussion within the competing teams.

A quiz night is a social event and people want to enjoy each others company as well as the quiz itself.

One way to make sure a question encourages group discussion is to ask a question with a number of possible answers.

By this I don’t mean a multiple choice question but rather a question that naturally gives rise to a number of alternative answers. The competing teams will enumerate the possibilities and try and close in on the correct one.

More talk of what makes a good quiz question coming soon.