What is a quiz night table game ?

We’ve provided a number of quiz night table game examples on this blog but recently someone contacted us asking for some clarification as to what a table game was. So with apologies to old hands who need no such clarification…

A quiz night table game is a game / series of questions / puzzle that can be left on the table of each participating team for them to work on at their own pace.

The primary difference between a table game and a normal round of questions is that all the participating teams must work through a round of questions together.

The MC (Mic Controller / announcer) reads out the questions for a round and each team must write down their answers and then hand in their answer sheet for that round once it is complete.

A table game on the other hand can be left on the tables at the beginning of the night and teams may work on them at their convenience up until the point they are to be collected (perhaps at the halfway break).

The easiest way to understand what a table game is is to look at some examples :

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